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Acrylic rocking crib with breathable mattress


Awarded in 2015

Acrylic rocking crib with breathable mattress


Awarded in 2013

About Bubble Baby Bedby Lana Agiyan

The idea came from plastic baby bassinets that are used in Hospitals: made from acrylic plastic they are safe, easy to care, hygienic and very appealingly transparent.


About Lana Agiyan

Behind Bubble Baby Bed brand is mother of 3 kids and award-winning product designer Lana Agiyan.


Critical Acclaim

Alisha and Rishad

Real Estate Development

The bed was an absolute dream come true - especially for us as a family. When Alia got bored of lying on her playmat we would put her in this and slowly rock her. She loved looking at the world go round - and was very relaxed napping in it too. I highly recommend this to all families with little babies

Teyana Taylor
and Iman Shumpert

Singer, actress | player Houston Rockets

I want to send a very special thank you to @lanaagiyan and the @bubble_baby_bed company for this amazing bassinet & custom bed sheets all the way from Finland for Baby Junie! I'm super excited because it's eco-friendly, and made with the same acrylic plastic that is widely used in medical appliances for children. It's lightweight, hygienic, easy to wash and strong. The mattress is made of pure wool and buckwheat hulls, which is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, anti fungal, breathable, insulating and odor resisting

Bonnie Strange


I'm not a regular mom

Shereen Mittwali

International Presenter,
Motivational Speaker

The bubble bed was by far one of my favorite pieces for my first born. Due to its modern and clean design, we had it kept in our living area for our baby to be close by during the day and she slept like an angel in it.
Definitely a great investment!


Innovative Textile

Hypoallergenic and washable at 60°C material, woven as 3D structure to make mattresses and pillows breathable.

Baby Oriented Design

The spherical crib is made with medical purpose transparent acrylic, which not only combines break-through design, but allows the infant to fully visually interact with the surrounding enviroment an the parents. A masterpiece that combines articulate pediatric science with visionary approach to the nursary of the future.

Multi Purpose Accessories

The crib is equipped with breathable bumper, that can be used as anti-roll, mattress pad of 3D fiber to ensure safe sleep everywhere you go, intelligently designed to provide effective thermoregulation, anti suffocation and 60°C washable, curved Nursing Pillow for flat-head syndrome preventation, to be used in car seats, strollers and for safe sleep.

Motion Sensitive

Rocking and reacting to baby’s own movements, the crib is stabilized by weight as a toy balancer.

Security Stoppers

The bed is equipped with a security ring that does not let the crib inclinemore than 7 degrees irrespective of the weight applied. Additionaly, it has woolen stoppers to block the rocking motion or to elevate one side to have the baby’s head positioned higher when required.

Sounds that newborn lovePress to play

According to multiple feedback from mothers most of newborns react positively, calm down and even fall asleep while listening to one of these sounds. Try our sound playing engine and give your feedback

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Bubble Baby Bed

Acrylic rocking crib with breathable mattress


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