"breathable" bubble baby bed™ Nursing Pillow

Created to fight Flat Head Syndrome by helping to alleviate negative pressure on baby's soft skull.

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  • Designed to fight the flat head syndrome, the condition when a part of baby’s fragile head becomes flattened due to continued pressure one one spot, our Nursing Pillow is combination of tradition of the past and modern science.
  • Curved to distribute the pressure evenly and form the heathy shape of head, out Pillow also welcomes cool air and takes the unwanted dumpness and moisture out. The Nursing Pillow is made with combination of cotton and 3D mesh textile, supportive and breathable.
  • You can use The pillow while nurcing, in a pram, car seat and in crib, to prevent suffocation, provide better thermoregulation or elevate the head after feeding the baby to help reduce colics.
  • We use an eco-certified hypoallergenic material, that is super easy to wash at 60°C in a washing machine and quick to dry, preventing the growth of unwanted bacteria and mould.
  • You would not need to use chemical detergents to clean the pillow.


The main idea behind every object
designed was implemented formerly
unknown technologies, new materials
and descoveries of modern pediatric scene.

  • Innovative bespoke design & technology
  • Easy care, maintenance household friendly
  • Futuristic design concept
  • German quality 1 year warranty* return it
  • Easy returns
  • Patented design and "Know how"

"breathable" bubble baby bed™Nursing PillowTo fight Flat Head Syndrome

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"breathable" bubble baby bed™ Nursing Pillow

To fight Flat Head Syndrom

W - 23cm
L - 20cm
H - 5cm

Weight: 0.1 kg

  • Color
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"Breathable" Bubble Baby Bed™Nursing PillowTo Fight Flat Head Syndrome

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