"breathable" bubble baby bed™ Sleeping Pad

Made with 3D mesh fabric, it distributes the pressure evenly, providing the necessary support, and prevents suffocation even when sleeping on the belly

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  • Breathable layers of fabric prevent suffocation even if the baby rolls to the side of the crib
  • You could use the Sleeping Pad alongside with Bubble Baby Bed™ Safety Bumper as sleep positioner or an anti-roll for other beds or a changing table
  • We use an eco-certified hypoallergenic material, that is super easy to wash at 60°C in a washing machine and quick to dry, preventing the growth of unwanted bacteria and mould
  • You would not need to use chemical detergents to clean the pad


The main idea behind every object
designed was implemented formerly
unknown technologies, new materials
and descoveries of modern pediatric scene.

  • Innovative bespoke design & technology
  • Easy care, maintenance household friendly
  • Futuristic design concept
  • German quality 1 year warranty* return it
  • Easy returns
  • Patented design and "Know how"

"breathable" bubble baby bed™Sleeping PadWith 3D mesh fabric

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"breathable" bubble baby bed™ Sleeping Pad

With 3D mesh fabric

DØ - 80cm
H - 2.5cm

  • Color
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"Breathable" Bubble Baby Bed™Sleeping Padwith 3d Mesh Fabric

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